A big announcement: I’m off to San Francisco!

I’m moving to San Francisco. Seemed like time for something new: new opportunities, new scenery and new challenges.

I will be working full-time at segment.io starting now! My focus will be customer success.

For those of you who use segment.io – I’ll be the first line of defense for most incoming support requests. You’ll also be seeing a bunch of new content on the segment.io blog and analytics academy from me.

This is gonna be awesome. Not only do I get to put my analytics knowledge behind a great product I believe in, but I’ll have to step up my technical game to help debug analytics implementations on a whole new scale.


What’s gonna happen with Dirty Analytics?

Most of you probably already clicked over to segment.io, but for the 2-3 of you still reading here’s my plan for Dirty Analytics.


The blog

I will still be writing here at the blog. Actually I plan on writing more often. I’m a huge fan of Seth Godin’s blog and my plan is to start writing short but frequent posts just like Seth.

The #1 trait I see across all successful bloggers is consistency. The ones that post often always seem to make it eventually.


My services

Obviously my #1 focus will be segment.io. However, I’m not closing my doors completely.

I’m still happy to answer questions via email.

New project work will be minimal. That means the customers I do take on will get extra special love. Lately I’ve had the opportunity to work with extraordinary people and their amazing products.


The best part

Taking this job means I’m moving to San Francisco!

That means a lot more opportunities to meet up with cool people. If you’re in the bay area be sure to reach out!


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  • Congrats on the move and the new job! You’ll do great and they’re lucky to have you.

    • Thanks so much Cory! Working with you was always a huge inspiration to learn more and do great things. I always looked up to you a lot. Not to mention I’ll probably never meet more of a baller when it comes to SQL. Keep in touch man!

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