The highest converting metric (that no one tracks)

The most valuable interaction you can have with a customer is face-to-face. Short of a lunch date, a Skype or phone call are super valuable too.

I think most people realize the significance of shaking hands and looking someone in the eye. But I bet you’re not tracking those interactions in your analytics software or CRM. Most people aren’t.

I’m guessing you track pageviews and opt-ins. Even webinar attendees and email deliveries. How much effect does a single pageview have on sales? On lifetime value of a customer? Will a single email turn a customer into a brand evangelist? Unlikely.

On the other hand, having lunch with a customer, or even jumping on Skype for 10 minutes, will do wonders to make a sale. On top of that, I’d bet money that a quick chat will extend the lifetime value of those customers.

Customers who interact with your brand on a human level instantly become more valuable. Once they can put a face on your brand they are a lot more likely to tell others how awesome you and your product are.


What’s my point? I have two.

  1. Stop worrying so much about all your stupid metrics. They aren’t THAT important compared to real human interaction.
  2. Start tracking those human interactions. You should have events called “Skype call” and “In person meeting” that get loaded to your analytics platform. I guarantee you will see a ridiculous spike in customer value for those that had a positive face-to-face with a real person in the company.

If you have questions about how to set that up in KISSmetrics, mixpanel, Google Analytics, or anywhere else, leave it in the comments!


  • Your blog is awesome and I really like this article!

    Do you talk about AgileCRM at all?

    Thanks, keep it up!

    • Thanks a lot! I haven’t used Agile CRM before – looks like you guys just opened up your beta, looks pretty cool. Have you thought about an integration with Email if you’re interested.

  • How do you record sales calls in Google Analytics if they’re not directly related to a click on an AdWords ad? e.g. if someone hears about your product from a friend, finds you through direct search and enters their contact details, and then you call them, ending in a conversion?

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