How to not f*ck up Mixpanel mobile surveys

Mixpanel recently released a shiny new feature: in-app surveys for iOS.

This is a game changer if we use it right. So everyone, please, don’t mess this up! If users get bombarded by surveys they’ll start ignoring them. The answers will start to get crappy and this useful tool will be worthless.


Here are a few ways to make sure you don’t ruin mobile surveys:

Keep it simple [stupid]

keep it simple stupid

2 questions max per user. In my opinion there are very few exceptions to this rule.

If you have 6 questions you want answered, segment your users. Ask 3 groups of users 2 questions each.


Give more than you get

give more than you get

Survey questions should give clear value to people responding. Why the hell would you be asking them questions if you don’t plan on making their life better?


Bad example: Are you enjoying your experience with this app?

This sucks because it’s not actionable for you and it’s not obvious to your user why you would ask this question.

Good example: Which of these 3 kick-ass features would you most like to see in this app?

Much better. Your user is pumped to see a new feature and you know how to iterate and better serve your customers.


Don’t be boring

don't be boring

Put some character into your surveys!

Prove to your users that you know them by using language they can relate to.

No one wants to answer a survey question like this:

How was your experience with our application?

  • Very good
  • Satisfactory
  • Poor

Make your surveys fun! The tone should be in line with your app and your audience.


Don’t make your users hate you

i hate love you

And more importantly for the rest of us: don’t make them hate in-app surveys.

Surveys are a great tool to get feedback from your users. But if you overdo it they’ll never respond again. They might even stop using your app.

Ideally your users won’t be bothered more than once with a survey. The only exception is if you are seeing real engagement and excitement around something like voting on new features.


That’s all I’ve got for now. Good luck with in-app surveys and props to mixpanel for developing a sweet new tool.

Don’t f*ck it up!


  • Excellent advice. I would add that you should take advantage of Mixpanel’s filter options to target surveys very specifically to relevant groups – this will make the survey experience feel more personal to the user, and provide greater insight to you!

    • Thanks Aliisa! That’s a great point too :) Since this post is “what not to do” maybe I should make another post about “what to do” to get the most out of the surveys.

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