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I hope you find value here.

The blog is my attempt to scale the countless 1-on-1 conversations I have with people about analytics and marketing.

My past and present:

I have setup or managed analytics for over 100 websites and apps: SaaS, membership, e-commerce, info-products.

Currently Head of Customer Success at Segment. I help users decide which analytics tools to use and make sure they get everything up and running smoothly.

I never settle for mediocre.

When I was a Junior in college I went to Beijing, China for a typical semester abroad. After the 4 month program was over I still couldn’t hold a conversation in Mandarin. Unsatisfied, I forced myself to stay in China. The next semester I enrolled only in complete Chinese immersion classes. My 4 month trip turned into a year, but I achieved my goal.

I also got my first taste of online business that summer when I worked at Beijing Home Delivery (a specialty grocery delivery startup). My Chinese definitely came in handy for sourcing new products!

你卖有机的米饭吗 ?

Staying that long in China resulted in a pretty intense Senior year back in the states. I had to finish most of my math major in just a year, but it was worth it.

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